The rebirth of YoD eSports™ on the Call of Duty franchise.

We’ve been hoping for a Call of Duty team for several months now. After several podium finishes on MW2, with our former team, we recently succeeded in recruiting two new teams, a main competition team, which will bear the mythical name of our history: YoD. Black.

The current YoD. Black is made up of Sama, Wardrax, Myless and Amibo. And as usual, our staff includes our Community Manager: Atlant and two managers, namely a COD Coach and two Managers. YoD. Black will normally be taking part in Glorious Lan #1 on December 9 and 10, and our guys aren’t here just to make up the numbers, but to win this LAN, crushing all comers.

Manager “DoTeXX” from YoD. Black will also be present at this LAN.

We’ve also recruited a hopeful roster we’ve dubbed YoD. Hope, ‘Hope’ as in hope. These players will be supported by DoTeXX and ZenU, both Call of Duty managers & coached by nAnSou.

YoD. Hope is made up of ZamPa, HiRA, IsondO & LVR.

We’re counting on your support.